Why should I hire an estate sale company?

Life is hectic and stressful! Second Chances is a full service company. We can prepare, clean, price, advertise and host your sale in a timely manner. You have a million other things to do.

Do we need to sort and toss things out before you start ?

No!  What most people view as junk or trash is often a treasure to someone else! Let us do the sorting ! By doing so we can maximize the profits of your sale!

Can we help you prep the sale and be there on sale day?

I highly discouraged both. It can be a distraction and slow us down. Customers buy less when the families are there and it’s heartbreaking to see your family treasures go home with someone else.

How much do you charge to do our sale?

Our fee is a percentage of the gross sales total.  This covers all expenses for your sale such as advertising .

What determines an items price?

Prices are determined by age, condition, and current market value.